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What is your beauty philosophy?
Natural is beautiful. Makeup should be used to highlight your own beauty.
How do you wear shimmery makeup?
Try using a metallic bronze as a soft liner under your lower lash line. You can also lightly sweep a dusting of shimmery shadow on upper lids - but try not to go above the crease line with highly metallic shades. One of my favorite looks is softly highlighted cheeks. Dab a bit of shimmer on the top of your cheeks to instantly brighten and illuminate your face. Be sure to choose just one feature to accentuate so your shimmer stays subtle.
Is the shimmering look only for night events? Can a woman pull it off as a daytime look? How?
You can wear metallic shadow virtually anytime by keeping it soft and avoiding a heavy application. It’s all about slowly building layers of color. For day, use metallic shadow under the lower lash line. Blending matte and metallic shades brings down the shimmer factor, making it a great look for day. You can always add a little more shimmer at night to amp up the look.
How do you find the right foundation shade for your skin tone?
The best way to find the right foundation shade is to check the color on your jaw line. Most people test out a shade on their wrist or hand, but if you can get a match closer to your neck, it gives you a better read, plus you’ll have seamless coverage.
Is liquid eyeliner the new trend? How should you apply it?
Liquid liner has been getting a bit more recognition so I think it qualifies as a bona fide beauty trend. It’s a great product to try but I think some women are intimidated when it comes to applying it correctly. An easy way test out liquid liner is to first use a taupe eyeliner pencil to lightly trace a line just above your upper lash line. This trick lets you make sure the lines are even and accurate before next applying the darker, liquid liner color directly on top of the taupe “practice” line.
What is harder in make up: to emphasize or to conceal?
It’s always harder to cover something up – in fact, I recommend that women put minimal effort into concealing imperfections and instead play up whatever feature they find most beautiful.
What is your favorite make up trick?
Using eyeliner to fill in the tiny spaces between upper eyelashes. This really helps eyes look fuller and more alive and lends an amazing frame to the eyes.
A full face of makeup looks too obvious. How can I make it look more natural?
Makeup tends to look heavy when it is not properly blended. When wearing a full face of makeup, blending is the key to a soft, natural look because it helps you avoid hard lines. Also, choosing the right colors for your skin tone and hair color can keep your look natural and fresh.
How do celebrities pull off pale lipsticks without looking sickly? What's the trick?
Make sure your lipstick has a pinkish undertone so it provides a grounding color for the pale lip. Or, you can start with a flesh-tone lipliner to neturalize your natural lip color (especially good for blue-toned lips) and top it off with a juicy gloss, which helps lips look more supple. Matte nudes can sometimes appear dry on lips.
What are some ways to get a "blonzy" effect? For example, what blush shades could you mix together or what color blush would blend well with bronzer to get this in between look? Could you blend different textures?
I like to dust on a powder bronzer with a fan brush first then go over it with either a shimmery cream blush or another powder blush in a bright shade. It is fine to mix textures - - creams can work in tandem with powders if the application is light.
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